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WetPrill™ Sulphur Former

The Enersul Technologies WetPrill™ sulphur forming process has been a staple in Canadian operations since 1978. The process has been continually improved using in-plant operational development and at a research pilot plant. Enersul’s patented WetPrill™ process is used in sulphur facilities around the world.


  • Flexible – Can form sulphur at a higher and wider range temperature than other types of forming equipment
  • No hidden operating expenses for release agents, stainless belt repair and replacement, cooling water system costs, etc. Product Quality – Spherical product, meeting industry recognized standard specifications
  • Reliability – 98% uptime means no requirement for additional “service units” like other forming equipment
  • Engineered specifically for sulphur recovered from Oil & Gas

WetPrill™ Process

The WetPrill™ process starts at the top of a forming tower, where molten liquid Sulphur is pumped into perforated streams, where small droplets of the liquid Sulphur fall into cooling water. The cooling water causes the liquid Sulphur to instantly form into uniform droplets, and the newly formed WetPrill™ pellets can be easily handled and transported.

This process has been continuously refined and improved by Enersul through in-plant operational development, in conjunction with a research pilot plant facility. The shape of the end product are small, round, and uniform, with few entrained fines.

Wetprill unit


  • Flow rate: up to 25-50 TPH
  • Pressure: up to 2.0 barg
  • Temperature: up to 130°C
  • Dimensions:
    • Unit Length: up to 7.5 m
    • Unit Width: up to 4.5 m
    • Unit Height: up to 12.8 m
  • Ventilation Air (max):  up to 17,334 m3/h
  • Instrumentation Air: 3L/s
  • Plant Air: 67 L/s @ 7 barg
  • Flowrate: 50 kg/h
  • Pressure: 4 barg
  • Nominal Process Water Recirc flowrate: 90 m3/h
  • Max Process Water Recirc flowrate: 3 m3/h
  • Cooling Water Recirc flowrate: 150 m3/h
    • Makeup Water Recirc flowrate: 5 m3/h
    • Supply temp: 27°C
    • Return temp: 37°C


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