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Although Enersul is renowned for the GXTM Granulation process, we also offer the alternative, WetPrillTM forming process. The WetPrillTM forming product is known for its low friability, low moisture content, and high bulk densisty. It is also a process that is proven to allow forming at a higher variety of temperatures, with lower operation costs, and smaller plant footprint.

The WetPrillTM process starts at the top of a forming tower, where molten liquid Sulphur is pumped into perforated streams, where small droplets of the liquid Sulphur fall into cooling water. The cooling water causes the liquid Sulphur to instantly form into uniform droplets, and the newly formed WetPrillTM pellets can be easily handled and transported.

This process has been continuously refined and improved by Enersul through in-plant operational development, in conjunction with a research pilot plant facility. The shape of the end product are small, round, and uniform, with few entrained fines.

Through thorough research and development, Enersul boasts three WetPrillTM forming technologies, the original WetPrillTM, Mini WetPrillTM, and WetPrill2000TM.


Enersul’s WetPrillTM process has been carefully developed and refined over the past three decades to provide producers with a … Download Spec Brochure



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