Enersul’s design is a culmination of many years of remelter operations and development. We have proven capabilities in difficult remelting situations such as remelting contamination and high moisture feed stocks. While in all ambient conditions our machines still demonstrate low operating and maintenance requirements.

Remelting Sulphur must be approached properly to eliminate the dangers associated with handling Sulphur. It is incredibly important to be done correctly. Finding the right equipment will set the stage for any Sulphur handling facility.

Enersul remelting technology has been safely and effectively remelting Sulphur for over thirty years, and the technology is constantly being improved.


The Enersul MODEXTM remelter represents a significant breakthrough in sulphur remelting. Traditional remelting models are … Download Spec Brochure


The MODEXTM remelt tank performs two functions. It serves to both melt the solid sulphur as well as to remove the contaminants from the process. It is externally steam traced to ensure adequate heat is provided to the tank contents. Additional heat for the melting process and agitation of the contents is provided by introducing a recirculation circuit with a portion of the molten sulphur in the tank being pumped through an external heat exchanger. The contaminants are removed by an auger in the settling section. The MODEXTM remelter has been designed with rounded corners to prevent contaminant deposition in un-desired areas.

Sulphur is removed from a solid sulphur stockpile and transported to a feed hopper which feeds the sulphur at a controlled rate onto a feed conveyor. The feed conveyor transfers the sulphur to the MODEXTM inlet hopper and discharges it into the tank. The solid sulphur commences to melt once it contacts the liquid sulphur bath in the tank that has been heated and well mixed by the recirculation line from the external heat exchanger. A submersed pump then pumps this liquid sulphur through a filter into the external heat exchanger. When the liquid level in the tank reaches a set value, a control valve opens and releases a portion of this, all the while maintaining the flow through the heat exchanger.

The MODEXTM filtration system traps the particulate contaminants to ensure that the liquid through the heat exchangers is clear and free-flowing. When the pressure drop across the operational filter reaches a set value the second filter is automatically brought on line whilst the dirty filter is back-washed into the settling section of the unit for removal of contaminants from the process by a slowly moving auger.

Benefits of the MODEXTM

  • Modular and skid mounted – delivered 90% preassembled on site to reduce on site construction and set up costs
  • Portable – can be easily relocated to another site
  • Small footprint – ease of construction
  • Design is based on Enersul’s prolific sulphur industry experience in remelting sulphur for over 50 years in adverse climactic condition
  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning time (no internal heating coils)




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