For over six decades, Enersul has been providing innovative solutions to the issues facing the Sulphur Industry. We provide the highest grade technology along with a full range of integrated service to meet all of our clients needs.

With solutions for all kinds of Sulphur forming, handling, degassing, storage, block pouring, remelting and transportation loading, Enersul is constantly developing innovative technologies to drive the capabilities of the Sulphur industry forward.

Enersul technologies are developed on a depth of real-world experience unmatched in the industry. Many Sulphur forming and handling processes now accepted as the industry standard were pioneered by Enersul. Our commitment to research and development ensures that our products and methods remain the best available.


Hands-on experience in over 20 countries provides Enersul with an up-close look at the Sulphur industry. We listen to and work with our customers to continually refine our methods. The result – original and complete Sulphur forming and handling solutions customizable to meet any of our customers unique requirements. We are committed to continuous improvement of our technologies, achieving safer, more efficient and easier to handle solutions.


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