With Enersul, Expect Quality

Enersul is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standard of quality. Whether we are measuring the quality of our technology, the quality of any formed product, or the quality of our services, Enersul is dedicated to ensuring all aspects of our practice is meeting the highest quality standards. We are able to achieve this quality consistently due to our Management, Team Performance, and Supplier Relationship.

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Enersul Ltd Iso certificate


Manager policies and procedures, within the company's Quality System, promote the realization of quality results. The management team periodically reviews quality performance and provides targets and accountability for continual improvement. The experience that each manager provides allows for objectives to be recognized and met.

Team Performance

The dedication of the Enersul team is world class. Through their knowledge, commitment, and validation of results they have created products and services that always meet contractual, legislated and corporate directives relative to quality. In Enersul, our team is defined by quality results and we stand by their experiences and accomplishments.

Supplier Relationships

To ensure quality objectives are met and product suitability is understood, there is a continuously open communication and monitoring of suppliers. Formed Sulphur product quality is a priority with Enersul Operations and monitoring programs are in place, both at our plants and throughout the logistics chain, as product is transported to export terminals in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Physical properties of Enersul’s formed product; like moisture content, friability, and product size, are all measured and compared to competition in the industry. Among comparison, Enersul’s forming technology is proven to produce industry high premium Sulphur.