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Custom Block Pouring Solutions

Enersul has extensive experience in the design and management of block pouring systems and facilities that are easy to operate and also meet today's stringent safety and environmental requirements. Enersul also supplies pouring towers, forms and pins that are needed for the block pouring operation. We have a full operation for all of your needs.

Before beginning any Sulphur pouring operation, Enersul personnel assist clients in a thorough review of the desired pouring specifications, site capacities, climate conditions and future remelt plans, and make provisions for collecting and treating surface water runoff.

Strict operating procedures are observed to ensure both the safety of personnel and Enersul's environmental responsibility. We recognize your needs and also respect having a safe and sustainable process.




Equipment Description

Enersul offers complete turnkey solutions:

  • Structural steel support tower complete with ladders, platforms, and grating
  • Jacketed pneumatic actuated valves
  • Carbon steel swivel joints
  • Aluminum pouring arms
  • Spreader plates
  • Local control panel for field indication and control
  • Electrical power drives for moving the pouring arms across the block
  • Instrument cables, cable trays and cable glands for all instruments to junction boxes
  • Flexible steam and condensate connections for swivel joints
  • Packing, handling and crating.


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