Owned and Operated Sulphur Facilities

Using our unparalleled experience, Enersul owns & operates our own sulphur forming, handling, storage, and loading facilities on behalf of our valued Enersul Operations clients. We also enter into Operation Contracts where the plants are owned by 3rd parties but the responsibility of running the sulphur processing and handling plants rest on Enersul Operations. Under these arrangements, Enersul currently manages eight sulphur handling operations throughout Western Canada. Through these plants, Enersul controls over 3 million tonnes of sulphur forming and handling capacity each year. This makes Enersul one of the largest Sulphur operators in the world. We boast over 50 years and 3000+ man hours of sulphur operations including GX™ Granulation, WetPrill™ Sulphur Forming , Block Pouring, Remelting, and Remediation, including high contamination remelting

map of enersul operating locations

Edson Plant - Edson, Alberta

For 30 years, Enersul has been actively operating the Edson forming plant, located in Edson Alberta. The Edson facility is forming 500 tonnes of premium sulphur GXTM granules a day using GXM2TM granulation technology. Along with the forming technology, Edson also has 800 tonnes bulk storage and bulk rail loading capabilities. As safety is always the primary concern, Enersul’s Edson plant has gone 27 years without a Lost time incident. Owned & Operated Facility

K3 Plant - Whitecourt, Alberta

Enersul has been operating our K3 plant out of Whitecourt Alberta for 40 years, with 2 GXM2™'s on site forming 1000 tonnes of quality GX™ granules per day. K3 also is equipped with block pouring and remelting technology, and both bulk and liquid loading for transport.  Owned & Operated Facility

K3 plant

Hasler Flats Plant - Chetwynd B.C.

Enersul’s largest forming capacity is in Chetwynd BC, at the Hasler Flats plant. There, 3000 tonnes of sulphur is formed daily using 3 WetPrill™ units. The formed product is then loaded onto rail for transport. Hasler Flats plant has not had a Loss time incident for 15 years. Owned & Operated Facility

railcars filling with granulated sulfur

Waterton Plant - Pincher Creek, Alberta

The Waterton plant in Pincher Creek Alberta is Enersul’s oldest established forming site, starting operations over 50 year ago. Equipped with 4 GXM2™'s, Waterton forms 2000 tonnes of quality GX™ granules daily and the facility is also equipped with block pouring, remelting, bulk and liquid loading and storage. Waterton is a textbook example of the quality services provided by Enersul’s operations.  Owned & Operated Facility
waterton plant

Syncrude Operation – Fort McMurray, Alberta

For 21 years, Enersul has been providing support to Syncrude in Fort McMurray Alberta. There, Enersul has been supporting the block pouring and truck loading operations, managing 2300 tonnes of sulphur per day. The entire span of the operations, Enersul has not had a single loss time incident. Operation Contract
aerial view of poured sulfur storage

Lynton Operation – Fort McMurray, Alberta

Located in Fort McMurray Alberta, Enersul has been handling transloading needs in the Lynton operation for over 30 years. Loading approximately 2000 tonnes of sulphur onto truck or rail car per day, In the last 14 years, Enersul has not had a single Loss time incident. Operation Contract
tanker filling with molten sulfur