Throughout the years, it has become common for customers to request comprehensive end-to-end sulphur solutions for sites ranging from the “Greenfield” level, through to existing and mature sites undergoing expansion.

But we understand handling Sulphur can be a dangerous task. Fine Sulphur particles are flammable, and improper handling can lead to major safety and environmental concerns. It is critical to implement the proper equipment to ensure the safety and security of every forming facility.

Enersul has the experience and engineering “know how” to custom design a sulphur handling solution which may include systems for storage, conveyance, and load out for multiple modes of transportation.

Sulfur silos
Sulfur handling unit
handling of sulphur granules
Multi GX Plant installation birds eye view
Multi GX Plant installation birds eye view

The STS™ Safefoam Dust Supression System

The Enersul STS™ Dust Suppression System drastically reduces sulphur fines at critical transfer points throughout any sulphur handling system. The result is a significantly safer and more environmentally friendly operation.