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HYSPEC™ Modular H2S Degassing System

Enersul developed the HYSPEC™ Degassing Process to quickly, effectively, and economically reduce the H2S content of liquid Sulphur to low levels, usually 10ppm or less.  The HYSPEC is a module system comprised of a series of reactors through which the process operates.  The number of reactors determines the degassing capacity of the system, resulting in truly a flexible, customizable module system that is adaptable to many different capacity requirements.

HYSPEC™ Process

Enersul's patented HYSPEC™ Degassing Process uses a gas-liquid contractor which utilizes a series of small reactors and a select catalyst to reduce the H2S content of liquid Sulphur to less than 5 ppm in a matter of minutes. The end result is improved formed product friability and increased solid Sulphur strength.
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  • Unit Length: 9.0 m
  • Unit Width: 4.0 m
  • Unit Height: 5.0 m
  • Feed stream:  Up to 300 ppmw
  • Product: <10 ppw
  • 86 kW Estimated
  • Catalyst Consumption: <22 L/day
  • Residue in product: <1ppw
  • Flow Rate (max): 58.2 Tonnes per hour
  • Pressure:  2.5 barg
  • Temperature: 130-150 °C


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