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HCSR™ High Contaminated Sulphur Remelter

Enersul’s High Contaminated Sulphur Remelter (HCSR™) was developed for use where sulphur contaminated soil presents an environmental risk to nearby ponds or streams.  The HCSR™ dramatically reduces total volumes of contaminated sulphur, soils and debris that are otherwise left on the ground and free to migrate into nearby groundwater systems.  In addition, the contaminated soil is converted into saleable molten feedstock as well as reducing the cost of disposal by minimizing the total disposal volume by up to 90%.  In essence, it is a win-win-win scenario:

  1. Reduce on-site environmental contamination risk
  2. Reduce landfill costs by up to 90%
  3. Extract molten sulphur which can be processed into a saleable product

HCSR™ Process

Sulphur contaminated soil is a natural byproduct of most sulphur remediation projects

Contaminated Soil

Contaminated soil is fed into the HCSR™ Remelter


Remelt byproduct is disposed of, now a much smaller volume

Remelt byproduct

Form and transport the elemental sulphur to market

elemental sulfur

HCSR unit