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GXM3™ Modular Sulphur Granulator - World's First Single Pass Portable Design

Enersul’s GXM3™ is the first and only portable modular sulphur forming unit in the industry. The GXM3™ has a short start-up and shutdown time in comparison to other forming processes, and is ideal for facilities lacking a steady supply of sulphur or requiring incremental production rates. The unit also greatly reduces the required footprint compared to other types of forming equipment.

The GXM3™ does not use costly stainless steel belts which are prone to failure. A heat exchanger for cooling water is not required, and the GXM3™ does not require any type of Central Release Agent System. These features help reduce relative capital and operating costs.


The GXM3™ Modular Portable Design

The GXM3™ unit is pre-assembled and shipped on two (2) skids. Transportation and construction are consequently much easier as each unit arrives on site 90% assembled. This reduces not only construction time and costs but also commissioning time; as most system checks are completed prior to shipment.

Another key aspect of the standard GXM3™ is the control system which greatly reduces the amount of wiring required, minimizes final electrical work on site and allows all instruments to be monitored and accessed by the commissioning team and operators.

Design of the GXM3™ is standardized and allows Enersul to keep an inventory of replacement items. Replacement of any component is thus expedited.

Why Modularize?  Schedule and Cost Savings!

Schedule Benefits

  • Pre-assembly before shipment equals little surprises in the field
  • Shop testing vs. field testing = quality
  • Simple foundation required
  • Minimal operations impact

Cost Savings

  • Shop labor $ < Field labor $
  • Fabrication allows for a fixed price bid
  • Lower risk for change orders
  • Reduces impact of weather
  • Enhanced material control


Capacity: up to 1200 TPD


  • Unit Length: 35.6 m
  • Unit Width: 11.0 m
  • Unit Height: 8.5 m
  • Bulk density( poured):  >1165 kg/m3
  • Bulk density (packed):  >1276 kg/m3
  • Angle of repose:  ≥ 25°C
  • Moisture: ≤ 0.5%
  • Friability
    SUDIC Stress Level II:  <2%
    (± 0.4% variation between tests)
  • 64 kW Connected
  • 55 kW Operating
  • 4 bar g-100 kg/hr Steam
  • 0.9-1.1 m3/h Water

Screen Size in Micron / Retained:

  • 6300 / <5%
  • 5600 / <25%
  • 2880 / <75%
  • 1180 / >98%
  • 300 / > 99.5


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