Pouring molten sulphur to block appears to be a simple exercise, yet to to physical properties and hazards associated with sulphur, there are a number of areas where Enersul's expertise can provide long term benefits to any block pouring program.

Our technologies are designed to be safe, efficient and meet the strictest of environmental regulations.  We work with our clients through a review of the desire pouring specifications, site capabilities, climate conditions and future remelt plans to arrive at a customized solution with appropriate provisions for collecting and treating surface water run-off.


Pro-Pivot™ Block Pouring System

Enersul has created a line of GX™ Granulators to meet the every growing needs of our customers. Starting with the GXM1™, then adding the GMX1 NEXGEN™ (Next Generation) and the first and only portable and module sulfur forming unit in the GXM3!™