Sulphur Research and Development

Using our industry knowledge to create Sulphur solutions for your future development.

Allow our in-house industry experts to take the time to develop new and improved technical Sulphur advancements. While we use our technical knowledge you have the opportunity to produce and focus on your own services.

A major reason why our research is so effective is that we have professional engineers that work diligently within Enersul to improve each of our products. Along with our long history we have had the experience to find what works best and where we can improve. Trust us to continue innovating and we will trust that you will enjoy our product.

    woman researcher sitting at lab instrument

    Analytical Laboratory Services

    Enersul provides solutions for leading companies in the Sulphur industry.

    Enersul’s Laboratory performs regular testing on Sulphur products to ensure product quality specifications are maintained.

    Enersul’s Sulphur testing capabilities include:

    • Particle size distribution by dry sieve analysis
    • Friability Testing (Stress Level II)
    • Total moisture analysis
    • Bulk density
    • Angle of repose
    • Sulphur purity analysis
    • Percent carbon and ash content by combustion
    • Total hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in sulfur by FTIR spectroscopy*
    • Acidity as sulphuric acid (H2SO4)

    *on site testing for total hydrogen sulphide in Sulphur is available