KA Plant # 33 
Twelve Years without a Lost Time Incident

Safety It Only Takes a Moment…

We would like to congratulate Ken Mitchell Plant Superintendent, Vern Lovenuk Plant Foreman, Terry Orge LCC, Leslie Thorn Administrative Assistant, Maurice Lovenuk, Ray Campbell, Dean Craig, Don Downing, Brad Hillier, Gerald Miller, and Al Thorn. The team has achieved a record of 12 years work without a Lost Time Incident.

This team has recognized the value of working in all conditions in a safe efficient manner and going home each and every day without injury. This cannot be achieved without a lot of hard work and dedication by all, this shows that safety is a top priority at this facility, and that everyone is working diligently at ensuring everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

It Only Takes a Moment…

Ensure all hazards are removed or controlled before beginning any job or task. Keep up the great work!

Our thanks to each and every one at the KA plant for considering Working Safely a part of your job. Zero Injuries!


Trevor Greer, President and General Manager of Operations

Lynden Anderson, QHSE Manager

Milton Chavez, HSE Advisor

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