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Waterton - 7 Years without loss of time incident


Waterton - 7 Years without loss of time incident

CALGARY , AB., Canada – January 08, 2013 - Enersul Limited Partnership of Calgary, Alberta is pleased to announce that the Enersul Waterton employees have achieved the seven year milestone without a loss time injury.

Making this milestone even more impressive is the fact that Waterton experiences extreme weather conditions such as winds in excess of 100Km/h, which creates their own unique safety hazard.

In additional to the usual operations of bulk loading, liquid loading, block removal and remediation, and several specialized projects, Waterton has also been undergoing a massive improvement project for the last three years. This project is designed to increase drainage, and all areas are being paved as part of a long-term environmental plan. This project alone involved countless contractor hours, and this year, all done without a single loss time incident.

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