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Kaybob 3 - Plant 34 Eight Years without a Loss Time Incident

Kaybob 3 - Plant 34 Eight Years without a Loss Time Incident

Kaybob 3 - Plant 34 Eight Years without a Loss Time Incident

I would like to express my appreciation on behalf of Enersul to Tom Halldorrson, Ken Mitchell and all employees at the Kaybob -3 Plantsite for having worked for 8 years without a Lost Time Accident.

Over this time period, there have been many changes in activities and employees. Most recently, a new acitivity has been added to their plate with NGL Transloading. For those not familiar with gas processing, sulphur is not the only by product produced from sour gas. Natural gas liquids are also highly valued products stripped from sour gas. These liquids have been transported via pipeline historically but due to restrictions, now are being shipped in railcar to market. 

The job of transloading from truck to railcar, although similar to loading liquid sulphur does come with a new set of hazards and new procedures. Everybody is adapting very well as this process goes through the startup of something new and different.

This job is in addition to all the usual functions carried out at this plant and means additional employees being hired. We welcome the new employees as they come into the workforce and look forward to their contribution to working safely at this site.

To All Employees, Thank You for your efforts and safe work ethic. Keep up the Good Work

Rick Jones
Manager, Operations
Enersul Limited Partnership
7210 Blackfoot Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2H 1M5

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