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Enersul Partnering with PR3


Enersul Partnering with PR3

Enersul announced it is partnering with PR3 Sulphur Solutions, LLC to complement Enersul’s technological expertise and help develop the next generation of Enersul’s WetPrill™ process. The new relationship with PR3 is part of Enersul’s ongoing commitment to provide unmatched, comprehensive sulphur solutions. 

Eric Harbaugh of PR3 Sulphur Solutions said, “PR3 is honoured to work with a company with the technical and operational expertise of Enersul. PR3 will help ensure that Enersul’s products remain at the leading edge of performance, safety and cost across the full spectrum of processes and technologies used for sulphur forming and handling.” 

PR3 will play an important role in responding to the global sulphur market’s technical challenges. “PR3 brings broad experience with wet forming technologies that have been used worldwide, unique expertise in optimizing WetPrilling processes for both performance and cost, and people who understand how differences in climate and other factors make the needs of each customer and location unique,” MacDougall noted. 

Enersul is the world’s leading supplier of sulphur processing and handling solutions. The company also operates nine sulphur processing and handling facilities in Canada and the Middle East.

Enersul is a Marmon Group/Berkshire Hathaway company. The Marmon Group is an international association of manufacturing and service companies that operate independently within diverse business sectors.

For additional information, please visit www.enersul.com or contact:

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