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Enersul Announces Filing of Worldwide Patents to Protect Its GXM3


Enersul Announces Filing of Worldwide Patents to Protect Its GXM3

Calgary, AB, Canada, April 28, 2009 -- Enersul announced today that it has recently completed its Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filing for worldwide patent protection of its GXM3™ Sulphur Forming Technology.

The GXM3™ is the first - and only - portable sulphur forming unit on the market. Its patent pending technology was developed for use on sites with smaller plant footprint spaces, for clients that want shorter start-up times, and / or require smaller production rates. 

The GXM3™ arrives 90 per cent assembled, with most of the system checks already completed, thus saving on construction and commissioning time and costs. 

Each unit can produce up to 345 metric tonnes of high quality granules per day. If greater capacity is required, two or more units can be attached together on common walkways so operators can move freely from one to the other, without constructing additional - and expensive - walkway systems. 

The GXM3™ is designed according to the same principles of safety and environmental responsibility as others in Enersul’s GX™ series of granulators, a series that has been the standard-setter in the worldwide sulphur forming industry for more than 30 years.

About Enersul
Enersul is the world’s leading supplier of sulphur processing and handling equipment. It currently has over 21 million tonnes per year of installed capacity in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South Africa, the Caribbean, Kazakhstan and Canada.

Enersul also owns and/or operates ten sulphur processing and handling plants in Western Canada with a combined annual throughput of approximately 3.5 million tonnes.

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