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Building Blocks


Eric Harbaugh, Enersul, USA, Uncovers the history and origins of sulphur blocking, including modern developments that have altered the methodology and handling of sulphur blocks in contemporary refineries.

Although sulphur blocks may not always be the first thing to come to mind when asked to consider the critical components of a hydrocarbon processing operation, they nontheless play a critical role in both the sulphur supply chain and the operational plan for dealing with sour feedstock.   Download Article.


Loading Up Liquid

Enersul explores the issues that arise when transporting liquid sulphur away from the production site. Download Article


Where to Put the Yellow Stuff?

Enersul discusses increasing flexibility for disposing of excess sulphur. Download Article


HySpecTM Degassing Unit 


This article outlines the HySpec H2S degassing system which is designed to rapidly and economically reduce the H2S concentration in liquid sulphur. Developed by Enersul, the HySpec H2S degassing system fills the sulphur industry’s need for a compact and efficient sulphur degassing process.  Download Article.

The National - Etihad Rail loads up on sulphur Atricle


An article discussing how Etihad Rail has already transported more than 2 million tonnes of sulphur from the Habshan and Shah sulphur processing plants.  Habshan and Shah exclusively use the Enersul GXm1 Sulphur Granulation Unit.  Download Article.

The Dirt on Sulphur Remelting


Enersul's Izza Humayun discusses the daunting task of balancing the environmental and economical concerns with sulphur remediation projects. Download Article.

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